For Parents

Welcome to Summit Wrestling Club. Wrestling is an intense sport. We find that it’s helpful for our athletes and parents to address some common experiences and expectations up front.

Supporting your wrestler

Wrestling is an intense sport! Encourage your child to do their best and praise them for their bravery on the mat. Comfort your child after losses, which are often very emotional experiences. Always encourage and model good sportsmanship.

Parent Sportsmanship

Wrestling is an intense sport and it’s common for parents to have strong emotions too! Cheer for your child in a way that encourages their effort, but leave the coaching to the coaches. It is of utmost importance that parents model good sportsmanship, which includes their interactions with both referees and coaches, and represents the values of Summit Wrestling Club.

An Individual-Team Sport

Wrestling is one of those unique sports that includes both individual and team results. At times, your child will wrestle against a teammate at a tournament. In these circumstances we place a strong emphasis on the team approach. Cheer for both wrestlers and encourage them to do their best. 


Summit Wrestling Club values the ability to provide positive experiences for your family and to build community.  Make sure that your wrestler arrives on time for tournaments so they can warm up together as a team. We encourage our club parents to sit together at tournaments. For weekend (two-day) tournaments we make an effort to reserve a block of hotel rooms to encourage inclusivity and allow our community to have fun together.